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479° began with a fond childhood memory of cozy evenings spent playing cards and devouring fresh popcorn with my family. My mom refused to serve anything other than popcorn cooked in a sturdy stovetop popper that she'd hand crank until the kernels turned into a delightful fluffy treat. Then, as now, a bowl of popcorn could turn an ordinary moment into a special occasion. 

Over the years, I experimented with making my own popcorn and flavoring it with exotic seasonings inspired by my international upbringing and training at Le Cordon Bleu in London. In the process, I came upon the discovery that 479 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for popping corn.

I knew immediately that this would be the name of my popcorn company. 479° reflects the careful attention to detail that I work so hard to incorporate into every single element of the business, from the pristine ingredients to the beautiful packaging to our avid dedication to customer satisfaction. 

When I make popcorn by hand in my San Francisco home, I am reminded that simple, honest pleasures are often the most rewarding.

Jean Arnold, Founder


fresh from the farm, not a factory
Air-popped. Small batch. Chef-inspired, fresh ingredients.


just the good stuff

To make perfect popcorn requires a relentless dedication to quality. So we choose the same premium, gourmet ingredients you’ll find in high-end restaurants: Cave-aged cheese from a small family creamery in Oregon. Fresh-pressed extra virgin, Kalamata olive oil. Earthy black truffle oil.  Vibrant herbs and aromatics. Real butter and organic agave syrup. Wholesome, real ingredients grown with care and paired with proprietarily grown popcorn kernels. 479° Popcorn is perfection in a bag.


crafted by hand, enjoyed by the handful

Chef-inspired ingredients. Made in small batches. At 479° we pride ourselves on our artisanal attention to detail, from the precise temperature to air-pop our popcorn, the emphasis on quality ingredients, to the handcrafted process we use to make every batch. When it comes to selecting ingredients we go to the source: small family farms and suppliers. We use the best, culinary-grade food destined for gourmet restaurants, not premix powders and flavorings.


nothing but hot air... that's what makes us better

We pop our kernels using nothing but hot air. No oils, no transfats, no lard. Our proprietarily grown popcorn is specifically bred to explosively pop—a process that blows the hull right off the kernels. The result is a perfectly expanded piece of air-popped popcorn that’s light, fluffy, crunchy, and flavorful.


sustainable snacking

Whenever possible, we source non-GMO ingredients from family farms and small suppliers that practice artisan production methods, sustainable agriculture, and promote fair trade policies. We make every attempt to purchase from nearby producers to support local economies, and minimize our carbon footprint.


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