the perfect popcorn for
your perfect moments

479° began with a fond childhood memory of cozy evenings spent playing cards and devouring fresh popcorn with my family. My mom refused to serve anything other than popcorn cooked in a sturdy stovetop popper that she'd hand crank until the kernels turned into a delightful fluffy treat. Then, as now, a bowl of popcorn could turn an ordinary moment into a special occasion. 

Over the years, I experimented with making my own popcorn and flavoring it with exotic seasonings inspired by my international upbringing and training at Le Cordon Bleu in London. In the process, I came upon the discovery that 479 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for popping corn.

I knew immediately that this would be the name of my popcorn company. 479° reflects the careful attention to detail that I work so hard to incorporate into every single element of the business, from the pristine ingredients to the beautiful packaging to our avid dedication to customer satisfaction. 

When I make popcorn by hand in my San Francisco home, I am reminded that simple, honest pleasures are often the most rewarding.

Jean Arnold, Founder